Combine - For A Moment


Combine started its musical activity in a reduced form early in 2008, when guitarist and sound engineer Ron Stephenson, teamed up with drummer and D.J Yotam Weiss and started to make original music together.
Wanting to create a comfortable working environment which would allow more musicians to join them at a later stage, they acquired the use of an old cinema, converting the former projector room into a recording studio and the adjacent room, originally intended to house the buildings air conditioning system, into their rehearsal room.
A few months later, bass player Gilad Gur joined them, and their unique sound started to consolidate, with Yotam playing parts more akin to electronic music, and Gilad creating bass lines that freed Ron from the conventional harmonic boundaries normally associated with a single guitar in a rock ensemble. Thus, allowing Ron to incorporate his unique world of sound into the new music.

The band's members, who had already started to record a number of instrumental pieces in their improvised studio, started looking for more musicians to join them. The goal was to find a singer who could also write lyrics and melodies which would combine with their existing music.  
Daniel Tourgeman was invited to rehearse with them and Steven Lipscombe, a talented musician and Ron's brother in law, was asked to come and give his professional opinion of the bands music and the new singer.

The rehearsal took an unexpected direction. The connection between Daniel and the other three was immediate, she combined perfectly, and Steven, inspired by this, picked up his guitar and joined them there and then to become the fifth member of the band.   
That was the rehearsal that changed everything. The band felt electricity in the air and started to write music together. In order to allow this mutual creativity, they all decided to live close to their studio and met nearly every day to write and play from the afternoon until the early morning.

 After a whole year of playing together and creating their musical style, the band made a demo of 14 songs in their recording studio, and presented it to musical producer and 'Record' label owner Danny Koryto. Danny, who was deeply impressed by the unique combination of talents and high level of performance, arranged a meeting where he introduced them to his vision for making their debut album. He wanted the band's music to be more concise, yet interesting enough to the audience without having to resort to studio trickery. He insisted that all the parts be recorded exactly as they would be performed live in concert, with no over dubs. The idea being, to transfer the album from disc to stage in a way which would not hurt the music, but would not require the use of computers or more musicians.
Danny instructed them to go back and write some new songs with this in mind.

After only one month a second meeting was arranged, the new songs were ready. They immediately started the production on the album.  

Today, after finishing the album, Combine have embarked on their first tour, hoping to reach the widest audience possible with their music.

Album Credits

Gilad Gur - Bass
Steven Lipscombe – Guitar
Ron Stephenson - Guitar
Daniel Tourgeman - Vocals
Yotam Weiss - Drums

All Songs Written By Combine.
Engineered By Danny Koryto And Combine.
Recorded, Produced & Mixed By Danny Koryto At Record Studios, Kfar Tavor.
Mastered By Tali Cuts.
Art Work By Ilan Baffet.

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